This satellite technology supports accurate ground modeling in all aspects, from golf-courses to Environmental Works, using the “machine control system through GPS”.

Before starting any work, the Company Battistella identifies the work areas through satellite technology. Earthwork automezzi destinati ai movimenti terra vehicles are provided with instruments that are able to calculate exactly the vehicle position(normal GPS navigators installed on cars have an accuracy of a few meters, whereas the system used in this case has an accuracy of a few centimeters).
Through sophisticated sensors, vehicles are able to calculate exactly the position of work equipment: bucket in the case of excavators and blade in the case of bulldozers.
The 3-D configuration project is uploaded; on the hardware vehicles are provided with. Then, through a specific monitor, the operator can see exactly the bucket or blade position in relation to the project layout in real time.
This technique, which is absolutely advanced, allows transferring the designer’s ideas on the ground with very high accuracy level.

sistema di controllo macchine con GPS